55 gallon mylar bags, 30 gallon mylar bags, 5 gallon mylar bags, mylar b.ags
55 Gallon Mylar Bag  $7.99, 30 Gallon Mylar Bag  $6.49, 5 Gallon Mylar Bag 7.5mm $3.49. Our Mylar bag is made from the best Mylar materials.

Mylar Bags create an oxygen barrier to protect food during extended Long-Term Food Storage. Mylar Bags can be sealed with a Hot Jaw heat sealing unit or with an ordinary clothes iron set on high.

Mylar bags for long term food storage will insure your food will stay fresh for years under the right conditions.

Mylar bags add a layer of protection that will seal out light, insects, and oxygen.

Our Mylar Bags are FOOD GRADE 5 mil and 7.5 mils thick poly inside with foil laminate on the outside. 

Perfect for 55 Gallon Drums, 30 gallon drums, 5 gallon pails our Mylar Bags can be sealed to protect food inside the Mylar bag.
55 Gallon Mylar Bag 48" x 54"  5.0 mil   $8.99
30 Gallon Mylar Bag 30" x 51"  5.0 mil   $7.69
 5 Gallon Mylar Bag 20" x 30"  5.0 mil   $2.19
 5 Gallon Mylar Bag 20" x 30"  7.5 mil   $3.49

   • BPA Free and meets FDA specifications for food safety
  • Completely sealed bag with open head, seal with a heat seal or heating iron.
  • Flat round bottom conforms to drum shape and reduces product waste
  • 5 mils thick for added barrier protection and puncture resistance
  • Heat seal able for air tight sealing
  • In Stock and can be ordered from our online store

55 Gallon Drum Mylar Bag 48"x 54"
30 Gallon Drum Mylar Bag 31"x 51"

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